LETTERS Instead of stealing it, trying working for it

To the person or persons who took the time and energy to walk around our fence (or hop over it), up the steps, past our front door and across our porch to steal our bug zapper early Sunday morning….

Make sure you unplug it in case of rain, or if you plan on using your lawn sprinkler in the area where you’ve now placed it. Water makes it zap, also. Since you needed one so badly that you stole ours, we hope you can also afford the electricity to run the thing.

Sorry we missed you sneaking past our front door in the middle of the night. We would have gladly offered you our old plastic Christmas tree that’s waiting for trash pickup on Friday.

If you ever need to replace the bulb for our zapper, you may contact The Lumberyard of Hillsboro. That’s where we bought it. We paid for it. You know, go to work, earn money and pay for items. Millions of people do it every day.

If the friendly folks at The Lumberyard don’t have one in stock, those hard working fellows may possibly be able to order you one.

Wait-maybe you could do something really moral and responsible and buy your own.

We’re sure you have a really good excuse for stealing. Possibly you have really lazy parents who choose not to teach you to respect other people’s property. Whatever your excuse, we are sure you have come up with something lousy to explain your actions and lack of respect for others.

Again, keep in mind, we have that tree until Friday.

Mike and Sue Wadkins


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