A diet idea fo the forgetful minded

I had this idea for a diet for people who have trouble remembering what they did five minutes ago, like me. It’s called the toothpick diet. You put a toothpick in your mouth just before meal time, which could then possibly make you think you already ate.

How come it never gets hot enough or dry enough to kill the weeds that grow in sidewalk cracks?

I was impressed by the actions of an employee of one of our Hillsboro businesses. The employee belongs to the generation that came after me.

I bought a can of pop from the machine outside of the business, but it didn’t give me the brand that showed on the button. Not wanting the kind that came out of the machine, I went inside to see if it could be remedied. I wasn’t even sure I should bother with it in the first place, but really didn’t want the kind I got.

When I told the young man what happened, he didn’t hesitate. He grabbed the key and said, “You should get what you pay for.”

That young man has a bright future ahead of him.

I learned recently that Bob and Judy Jantz quit their Sausage Crafter business “cold sausage”-I mean cold turkey. They had set up to sell food at the Smoky Hill River Festival in Salina and thought they would see if the business would sell. A man and his wife decided to buy it on the spot and Jantzes came home without it. They’ve hung up the links on the road, but not at the store, according to Bob, who works behind the meat counter at Dale’s Supermarket.

On our night flight back from Seattle- Minneapolis-Kansas City a few weeks ago, I was looking out of the window and noticed that it looked like the light on the wing of the airplane was making a reflection on the ground. I wondered how could it be possible for the light to be that bright from 35,000 feet.

Then I finally figured it out. The moon was out, and I was seeing the moon’s reflection on the water of the lakes below.

I’ve taken to driving Old Highway 81 between Newton and Wichita lately because it allows me to avoid the big mess going on with the interstate construction through Newton. I still can’t believe all the money being spent there for no reason practical that I can see. The road was perfectly fine before they raised it.

Meanwhile, the old highway brings back memories of the many trips we took on that four-lane road to go to the movies with our dates before I-135 was built.

was feeling a little tired on Sunday when it suddenly dawned on me why. We’ll all need to work harder to make up for all the tax and postage increases that just went into effect.

“Waiter, there is a fly in my soup.”

“Wait until you see the main course.”

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