Postage rates to climb June 30

New postage rates will go into effect on June 30, according to pamphlets available at the Hillsboro Post Office.

First-class mail-letters, flats and parcels one ounce and under-will require a 37-cent stamp, which is an increase of 3 cents per stamp from the current rate.

“Every additional ounce thereafter is still 23 cents,” said postal employee Ted Russell. “That didn’t change.”

The new stamps went on sale June 7, and Russell said customers can choose from two designs-antique toys or flags.

Business has been fairly brusque, Russell said.

“We’ve sold quite a few already.”

Postcards require 23-cents postage. And 3-cent stamps are available for anyone who still has some 34-cent stamps left.

According to the United States Postal Service pamphlets, rates have increased because “the cost of doing business-for things like fuel, transportation, utilities, labor and health-care benefits- has continued to rise.

“Without an increase to keep up with rising costs, we face significant losses that could adversely affect mail service.”

The postal-service operations are not subsidized by tax dollars. They rely on the sale of postal products and services to cover operating costs.

For future mailing reference, detailed information about first-class, priority, express mail and special services are also listed on the USPS pamphlet available in the local post-office lobby.