Pohlman hired as Tabor women’s soccer coach

From soccer to football and back to soccer, Dylan Pohlman’s metamorphosis at Tabor College continues to take form.

Pohlman was named the school’s women’s soccer coach last week. For the former football and soccer player, the new position is a positive one.

“I think it’s a good opportunity,” Pohlman said. “It should be a lot of fun. I think we have a good team and I like all of the players on the team. Overall, I love soccer.”

After a record season kicking and punting the football for the Bluejay football team followed a stint in the Arena Football League, Pohlman thought the soccer fit was a good one.

“They needed somebody to coach and I wanted to coach,” Pohlman said. “I think their choice to hire me was a little bit of both, and it seemed to work out.”

Pohlman remains on a recallable waiver list with the Wichita Stealth team that will end its season July 20.

The new Tabor coach said the soccer position and his arena football career complement each other despite the difference between the two sports.

“(The Stealth) can pick me up if their kicker gets hurt or something,” Pohlman said. “I’m just kind of waiting around seeing what will happen. The two seasons are at opposite times so it really works out well.”

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