Don’t ask why

Only two more days. That’s right, only two more days ’til summer officially begins!

Swimming pool, barbecue, playing in the park, going boating at the lake, here we come.

Actually, I’m sure all of you have done at least one of these things so far. It’s funny, when we think summer, all of those activities seem to come to mind also, but who needs summer to do any of those things!

You could do them in the middle of winter if it was warm enough-the key words being “warm enough.”

For most Americans, summer is our time off, whether it’s for the three-month vacation from school, or just a two-day break from work. All we need is heat, and then we can do all of those things.

Speaking of Americans, the Fourth of July is only 16 days away. My flag is already flying proudly, but I have a few patriotic light strands I plan to put up a little closer to our special holiday. This year marks our 226th year of freedom and independence. I’m proud to be an American-and you don’t even have to ask why!

Church camp began June 18. Last year the music group that led the signing called themselves “Sound Salad,” most likely because all of them had a picture of a different “VeggieTales” character on their shirts.

In case you don’t know, VeggieTales are a group of computer-animated vegetables that have little half-hour videos with stories about Bible stories, only Veggie-customized, and other things to help in life.

I’m praying that they put my best friend, Ben Heyen, and me in the same room. Last year Ben and I put on a little “opera” for our mod-don’t ask why. It was quit entertaining.

And speaking of operas, the performance of “OperaTunists” done by the summer drama club went very well.

Coming home from my uncle’s house about eight miles out of town can get a little lengthy if you don’t have anything to do. So, as my dad, brother and I were coming home from taking branches to the burn pile, my brother began to hum one of the Subway commercials-you know, the one with the firefighter, Clay Henry.

We soon began to change a few of the words from the phrase “But thanks to Subway he’s a smaller size” to:

“He had a stroke when he exercised….”

“He was stuck with an open fly….”

“For his friends, he only had guys….”

“Now he cannot wear his ties….”

And last, but not least:

“He’ll work for Subway when Jared dies….”

We thought of a few more I’d rather not share. Oh, and I hope the local Subway restaurant didn’t take any offense from this. I love to eat Subway’s Cold-Cut-Trio Sandwiches. I even sold nine Subway coupon books for my school’s fund-raiser…. Don’t ask why.

I mentioned “VeggieTales” earlier. Just so you know, Big Idea Productions-the people who make the Veggies happen-are making a huge two-hour movie that will be in theaters this fall. It’s about Jonah and his big fish. Apparently (it’s for kids, too) it’s called “Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie.”

I wonder how long it took them to come up with that title.

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