Partly Nonsense

Several weeks ago, we ran a story about Charlotte Kennedy-Takahashi in our real estate focus section that described what she and her husband were doing with the former Norton Goertz property on the corner of Main and C streets in Hillsboro.

Charlotte e-mailed me from Japan that the story reached her Tokyo office within a day and a half. A woman in Marion saw the story on our Web site and e-mailed a relative living in Tokyo about the story. The relative knew Charlotte and e-mailed the story to Charlotte’s office. Her office staff read the story before she did.

It’s a very small world!

I ran across a listing of how college-bound seniors rank based on average SAT scores when compared by religious affiliation. It doesn’t have any profound affect on me, but I thought it was interesting. The top 10 groups and scores were as follows:

(1) 1,209 Unitarian Universalist Assoc.; (2) 1,161 Judaism; (3) 1153 Society of Friends (Quakers); (4) 1,110 Hinduism; (5) tie at 1,097 between Mennonites and the Reformed Church in America; (7) 1,096 Episcopal; (8) 1,094 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; (9) 1,092 Presbyterian Church USA; 10) 1,073 Baha’i.

The national average is 1,020 out of a possible score of 1,600.

People who work at the Free Press have wants and needs like anyone else. So, when we need to find something or sell something, we turn to the Free Press classifieds.

Our Tina Olsen was looking for a baby-sitter, so she put an ad in a “help wanted” last week. At last count she was up to 15 calls and met her needs early in the process. But the calls kept coming.

Tina had to call most of them back to say she had already found a sitter. If you need one, plenty of willing people apparently are still out there.

I don’t know if I should brag or bemoan, but Nancy and I just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary this past weekend.

We were married on a Thursday while I was an intern at the newspaper down the street. No one is married on Thursday, but I needed to be married that day if we wanted a honeymoon. I had to wait for the current issue to be finished on Wednesday and be back by the next Monday to put out the next one.

“Hey, waiter, what’s this fly doing in my soup?”

“I dunno, sir. It kinda looks like a backstroke.”

The guy said to his wife, “You’ve go to admit that men have better judgment than women.”

She said she couldn’t agree more. “You married me, and I married you.”

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