EDITORIAL: True appreciation

Hillsboro Mayor Delores Dalke no doubt joined dozens of other mayors across Kansas when, at the June 4 city council meeting, she signed a proclamation making June “Business Appreciation Month” in the city.

We’ve noted previously in this space that signing proclamations like this one is something of an empty gesture that doesn’t have much meaning…unless there is a true appreciation for the cause that lasts year round.

Lord knows, our local businesses ddeserve it.

The manufacturing sector of Hillsboro alone has created more than 300 jobs. Add to that the jobs created in the retail and service businesses, and you literally are talking about the lifeblood of a community. Without jobs, there is no city to speak of.

These days we are concerned about attracting new businesses to town. That’s well and good. But let’s take care of the ones that are already here. As they prosper, so will all of us. -DR

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