Partly Nonsense

What does it mean when someone uses the phrase, “’til the cows come home”? Is that a long time or a short time?

The milk cows come home twice a day, I think. But do the other cows come home? By what I have seen driving down the road, most of the cows are already “home on the range.”

Scam artists are born every minute. That’s why we are on the lookout for our older citizens in a special section in this week’s edition called “Senior Citizens Beware.”

The temptation of getting something for nothing has always been strong and still is. If something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

On the subject of fleecing. Sporting events and music concerts have just plain gotten out of hand these days. You can watch the Tyson/ Lewis heavyweight boxing match on Pay Per View for just $49.95 or pick up an Eagles concert ticket for about $90. How did this stuff get this important?

I took in some of the Hillsboro Family Festival this past Saturday in Memorial Park and Heritage Park. By the looks of it all, it was a great success.

Great food, music, exhibits, entertainment and more were all part of the mix. This is a festival that can grow with effort and time invested through the years. I even saw a flying lawn mower, for crying out loud. I looked toward the airport and thought: That looks like a lawn mower way up there. It was.

I wonder how many people have grill trouble like I do. Mine always runs out of propane.

I know of no reliable way to figuring out how much is left in the tank-at least with the model I have. I was told some models have a gauge, but those are out of my league.

The only way I know my tank is out of propane is when the flame goes out, or I go out there and see that the knobs are in the “on” position because I didn’t turn it off the last time I used it. It’s pretty safe to assume, then, that the tank will be empty.

It’s time for new ideas we haven’t thought of yet to save our small towns and way of life. I challenge everyone to spend a little time thinking about what our small towns can do to bring prosperity here long term.

My best time to think is in the shower. However or wherever one thinks, it is time to do it really hard.

>Next time we need some serious rain we should just ask the city to tear up one of the alleys downtown. That seems to do the trick.

“Waiter, This soup is spoiled.”

“Who told you, sir.”

“A little swallow.”

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