Field Day in Central Park an end-of-year treat for MES students

Students in grades kindergarten through six at Marion Elementary School gathered for field-day activities May 23 at Marion’s Central Park.

“We’ve always gone out to the track and had more traditional field and track events,” said Terry Slattery, MES principal. “But we decided not to do the competitive things (this year) because to some kids that’s not fun.”

“For the guy that comes in last after running around the track four times, he isn’t feeling too good.”

Charlotte Waner, MES physical-education teacher, organized the new venue this year for students.

Children walked to the park, arrived at about 9 a.m. and participated in eight different stations involving about three activities per station. After enjoying a picnic lunch in the park, students were scheduled to stay until about 3 p.m.

Among the variety of activities for the day were parachute games and relays.

“At the far east side of the park, they have a couple of wading pools,” Slattery said. “And they have a relay type of race where they have to come down, take off their socks and pick marbles out of the water with their toes.”

Slattery said she was happy with the success of the event.

“They’re on a little schedule, and there haven’t been any problems.”

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