Partly Nonsense

It’s always fun to get together with old classmates-with “old” meaning a few miles on the odometer. Afterall, it was in ’64 we made it out of HHS.

A few of the Class of 1964 got together for lunch last week with no agenda in mind. We somehow thought it would be cool to have a class reunion next year at 39 years instead of 40-because it would be just too hard to face 40.

Then we thought it would also be neat if we had a prom since we never were allowed to have one back then. The idea snowballed into a bigger production-why not have an all-school reunion next year and invite everyone else who never had a prom to attend?

Hiring a band for the event was also discussed-with the Fabulous Flippers and King Midas groups mentioned. Hey, this could get exciting. If anyone out there wishes to get in on the planning let me know.

Recently I filled out a questionnaire on the Internet following a computer software purchase which qualified me to receive a free gift. I didn’t think it would be much of a gift and it wasn’t. Out of the few things to choose from was a shower radio, which I selected.

It finally came and, of course, it had no batteries. It was really cheap looking and by the time I installed the batteries I knew it wasn’t going to be a permanent fixture in my shower. In fact, I couldn’t get any reception in the shower.

It is now on the way to Atlanta to my 4-year-old grandson who I think will probably have some fun with it. If he doesn’t, well, at least he has some new batteries for one of his other toys.

The Hillsboro Family Festival is just around the corner. I said I was going to buy a button for our employees and a voice in the back says, “Will they each get to use it for 15 minutes-or something smart like that?”

What I meant to say was that I’m going to buy each of our employees a button for the festival.

It would be neat if every business in town purchased a few buttons to give to employees so they could enjoy the festivities on May 25. Cari Garbo has been working like crazy coordinating the event, and I know her efforts will pay off.

“Waiter, What is this fly doing in my soup?”

“I’d say about 10 miles per hour, sir.”

I was fiddling around on the radio trying to find a station that was different than the usual fare you hear all of the time. And I found one.

It is 106.5 FM. I don’t know what the station is called because I don’t speak Spanish. The music is festive and lively. I never could figure out the words of most songs anyway.

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