Partly Nonsense

I don’t know if this idea has any medical basis, but wouldn’t you think that using a straw when drinking soft drinks would protect your teeth since most of the liquid goes past your chompers and more directly down the drain?

I have not seen recent figures as to how much of the U.S. Postal Service mail stream is standard mail, but I think it is probably more than half. Standard mail used to be called bulk mail or “junk” mail by some. However, it is only junk mail if it is not useful or not wanted.

I can put up with it.

Think about all of the jobs that are made possible by standard (bulk) mail. Designers design the printed pieces, printers print them, paper merchants sell paper to the printers, mailers address the pieces, the postal carriers deliver the pieces, the people who get the pieces can save money or learn about products they might like to buy.

Even the Free Press comes to you this way. You get the picture.

Without this type of mail underwriting the system, your first-class letters and periodicals would cost more. Think about it. It costs only 34 cents to send a one-ounce letter anywhere in the United States. Pretty reasonable, don’t you think?

I’m getting eager for the Health Post to open to the public. It’s been too long since I made any serious effort at regular exercise. And why is it that most of us know what is good for us but we just ignore the wisdom we have gained?

“Waiter, my plate is all wet.”

“That would be your soup, sir.”

It’s always fun to attend real estate open houses. Particularly when it happens to be at one where you used to live.

If I remember right, my dad paid about $8,000 for it at an auction nearly 40 years ago. Nothing has changed much other than the decorating, and it is still a very nice home in my opinion.

One of the things about it was the previous owners were Klassens, too, so even though they were one “a” Klassens-the “K” on the screen door still worked for us. I don’t think that was the deciding factor, though.

Sunday is Mother’s Day. I am thankful for the one I have and for the one who my children call Mom. It is the unconditional love that they have demonstrated while I have known them that makes them so special.

And most moms have put up with a lot of trials and tribulations through the years, but they are always there when you need them.

Knowing a little about how mom’s tick makes it hard to comprehend the heartache many moms in the world are going through with the deaths of sons and daughters caused by war and violence in so many places.

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