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In light of the recent termination of two high school teachers who were approaching tenure, I am wonder what is required to receive tenure in our school system, and how many non-tenured teachers do we have currently?


In Kansas, teachers receive tenure by completing three consecutive years of teaching in the district and being offered a fourth contract-or, if they have previously received tenure in another Kansas district, by completing two consecutive years of teaching in this district and being offered a third contract.

Teachers who have achieved tenure in this district and then leave, have tenure when they are hired back.

Three USD 410 teachers will automatically receive tenure as of today (May 1): Anita Boese, Collette Burton and Gregg Walker.

Following are the teachers in the district who do not have tenure, and the year in which they are eligible to receive it: Karen Call 2002-03, Michelle Faul 2002-03, Lisa Hoffman 2002-03, Ruth Baldner 2003-04, Matt Carroll 2003-04, Kory Unruh 2003-04.

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