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I was recently traveling down D Street with a friend when he pointed out the new sign on the corner of D and Adam streets that pointed to Reimer Field. He asked me if I noticed how “field” was spelled. I said no, but with a closer look, noticed that it was incorrectly spelled as f-e-i-l-d and not f-i-e-l-d. What plan, if any, does the city have for replacing the signs?


Although workers from the City of Hillsboro helped erect the signs a few months ago, they are actually a Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce project.

Rhonda Toal, executive secretary, said Roger Hofer of the Chamber’s Quality of Life Committee has been checking into correcting the errant signs (there are actually more than one). Hofer told her he has the lettering in his possession and plans to fix the signs himself once he gets “a dry, windless day.”

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