LETTERS: Gun violence stems from devaluing life

In response to Dale Suderman’s column on gun control (April 10): Mr. Suderman, gunfire in your major city has no connection to kids hunting in Marion County. The reason your city has problems is not because of the rights of Marion County citizens, but because some of your citizens place no value on human life.

Guns are no more a cause of your violence problems than spoons are a cause of obesity. I would rather see a commentary on personal responsibility than a proposal to infringe on our Second Amendment rights.

Perhaps your church sees a link between gun ownership and violence, but I believe violence stems from devaluing human life. We see this fundamental principal in such actions as abortion, euthanasia and the World Trade Center disaster- none of which involve guns.

If you want to limit violence, change hearts to respect life. Don’t take away our God-given right to protect our families and to hunt.

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