Weather shift may signal start of tornado season

Severe Weather Awareness week is officially observed in March, but this year the conditions that can spawn ravaging twisters have been slow to develop. In fact, the National Weather reports the state hasn’t experienced a single tornado yet this year.

But that can change in a hurry.

The jet stream seems to be the primary culprit. It has been keeping the cold air trapped to the north and the Gulf moisture in the Deep South most of the winter, preventing the two air masses from colliding.

Weather experts reported this weekend that the storm system that passed through Texas and Oklahoma is a signal that the jet stream is settling into a more common springtime pattern. That could mean the season of tornados may be upon us. In that vein, we offer the following information to inform and prepare. -the editor

Shelter in a time of storm: Where to go in Hillsboro

Trinity Church, Zion Church, MB Church, Parkview Church, Scout House, Tabor College (East Hall, H.W. Lohrenz Building, Student Center, Kansas Hall, Mary J. Regier Building, Historic Church)

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