NDS purchases Meadowlark’s vocational program

Northview Developmental Services Inc, supporting people with developmental disabilities, expanded its work services by purchasing Meadowlark Industries’ vocational services operations April 1.

Meadowlark was informed earlier this year that services funded by this program were being discontinued by the state. Meadowlark contacted NDS to see if the organization was interested in acquiring the work contracts performed at this facility.

“We are very grateful to Marnette Hatchett, executive director of Meadowlark, for giving us the opportunity to continue these work contracts under our organization,” said Stan Zienkewicz, NDS president.

Meadowlark will continue to provide community-supported employment and living services to people with mental illness.

Northview now operates two vocational training centers. The newly acquired facility is located at 300 S. Spencer, and its current employment-service operations are located at 2500 N. Anderson. Plans are to consolidate these services together at one location in the near future.

In recent focus groups conducted by Northview, person’s served identified a need for more and different work options.

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