Greenhaws to open fitness center in old PO

by Cynthia Martens

Lou and Steve Greenhaw are developing plans to open a fitness center in the old post office building located at 111 E. First in Hillsboro.

The name of the corporation has been filed, and the center will be called the Health Post-a reference to the former post office.

–o matter what they call it, people will still refer to it as “the old post office,” said Lou Greenhaw, who also owns and manages Greenhaw PharMacy in Hillsboro. Steve is an airline pilot.

“We have plans, but as far as the details on how we’re going to do it, we’re working all of that out,” she said.

The projected opening date is May 1, but Greenhaw said that date depends on how quickly the renovation of the building progresses.

The health aspect of fitness will be the emphasized in the programs to be offered at the Health Post.

“Our target audience is people who are still at an age where if they get into a good routine, they can prevent illnesses in the future,” Greenhaw said.

Participation in the center will be by membership only, she said.

Greenhaw said she hopes to have a personal trainer available at the center to assess the needs of each client and design a health regime appropriate to the client’s needs.

“Then it will tie in with a wellness program that we have at (Greenhaw Pharmacy) to have available some body-mass analysis,” she said.

Hours of operation will depend on a decision whether to use a key-card entry system or to staff on site at the facility.

“We do plan to have at least some hours that are manned,” Greenhaw said.

Two people left yesterday to attend a week of training in Maryland focusing on the wellness concept of fitness. Greenhaw said she plans to receive the same training in about two weeks.

She also said the future of the fitness center will depend on community support.

“We’re trying to open it up on a budget,” she said. “But if the town supports it and it’s successful, we’ll be able to add more services, upgrade equipment and add equipment.”

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