Partly Nonsense

This may not seem like a big deal to everyone, but I just can’t stand to have a knot in a power cord. Whenever I see one, I have to take it out before proceeding to use the equipment.

The appliance or power tool does not really care if there is a knotted cord and neither does the electricity that runs through it.

Same goes for a garden hose. The knot has to come out there, too.

I thought this might be a gender thing, so I asked around. It’s not. Some women don’t like knots in their power cords either.

New computer technology now makes it possible for the computer to translate a text file to voice.

Those little error messages that the computer blurts out from time to time are very annoying to me. But maybe I could translate Free Press text files to voice and have the computer read the paper to me.

The Chicago bureau of the New York Times called us last week to ask for background information on previous bank robberies in Marion County. They said there seems to be an increasing trend in small town banks being hit.

This was easily done using the advanced search feature on our Web site at The feature allows you to type in key words and then find everything that matches. I asked the Times reporter to e-mail us the link to the story when it appeared.

Well, she didn’t. But our own Chicago columnist Dale Suderman spotted the story and sent us the link asking why he had to depend on the Times for his hometown news.

Does this mean that we have to go daily?

I’ve never been a Missouri or an Oklahoma fan. This past weekend it was a real dilemma for me to try to figure out who I should be for in their NCAA regional finals matchup.

Finally, I figured it should be Oklahoma so KU would have a chance to meet them in the championship game and make it a replay of the 1988 shootout in Kansas City. It now looks like it could be a possibility.

This may not be a problem to some people either, but do you drive with your seatbelt twisted?

It is a lot more serious than having your power cord in a knot. In fact it can cause serious injury. The seat belt has to be flat so that the force of a sudden stop can be spread out evenly across your body.

Does this mean something? The big K-Mart in Newton is closing. Hillsboro’s Alco store is expanding.

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