EDITORIAL: Reunited again…for now

The latest word from the Kansas Press Association Legislative News Service is that the House passed a congressional redistricting bill April 18 that would reunite all of Marion County in Republican Jerry Moran’s 1st District. That bill is a long way from being law, say sources, but it’s a move we need to support.

Prior to this bill, a good portion of Marion County was to be awarded to Representative Todd Tiahrt in the 4th District, which would be disturbing because the 4th District is increasingly under the influence of Wichita and its urban agenda. Marion County residents who would have been included in that district would have essentially been denied representation on rural issues.

This new bill still has to pass the Senate, where the reapportionment committee last month approved a different map. Stay tuned for the next chapter. But in the meantime, write a letter to express your view. -DR

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