EDITORIAL: Don’t miss it

It would be easy to miss next week’s local election. Hillsboro and Marion are the only communities in the county holding one. Hillsboro has two open seats on its city council and Marion has one on its city commission. That’s it. One of Hillsboro’s council seats is uncontested. Marion’s race is between two business associates who seem to like each and agree on the key issues.

Like we said, it would be easy to miss next week’s election. But try not to. As trite as it may sound, voting is an American’s responsibility, not just a right. Even when there isn’t much on which to speak, your voice needs to be heard at the polls.

It’s often been suggested that folks who neglect to vote for their elected representative lose their right to complain about what that elected representative does once in office. Seems to us that should provide most of us with plenty of motivation to get to the polls next week. -DR

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