A little more than 1,000 fans and athletes piled into the Marion High School Gym Saturday to witness the strongest athletes in Kansas compete at the Class 3A State Power Lifting Championship.

Hillsboro senior Adam Woods didn’t disappoint the eager crowd, as he broke the Class 3A state record in the power-clean event with a fourth and final heave.

Woods broke the record with a lift of 325 pounds-10 pounds over the old record-and finished first in his weight class overall.

HHS power-lifting coach Kory Unruh said Woods’ hard work paid off.

“It was good for Woods to finish big,” Unruh said of the senior. “He topped off his senior year in a really big way. I think Adam is one of the best athletes that has come through Hillsboro High School in a long time. Strength-wise and speed-wise, Fort Hays State got a great pick and a great athlete.”

Woods signed a letter of intent to play football at Fort Hays State University several weeks ago.

Unruh took 11 athletes to the event, including six girls who flirted with a first-place finish throughout the day.

The Trojan coach said his team’s performance was indicative of the quality sports programs at HHS.

“We did really well as a team,” Unruh said. “Our girls were in contention for first place most of the day.

“I think our success is a direct reflection of why we do so well in other sports. Because we’re in the weight room, we’re stronger, faster and quicker than most teams we face.

“In all honesty, (Max) Heinrichs is a lot of the reason weight lifting has become important at Hillsboro. It’s something he’s helped put in motion within the last couple of years.”

After several years as a coach at HHS, Heinrichs became activities director this year.

“It’s obvious we have an interest in it, and our students are lucky to have that opportunity to participate in it,” Unruh said.

Due to technical problems incurred at the event, final results were unavailable at press time. They should be available for next week’s Hillsboro Free Press.

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