Partly Nonsense

The absentminded rancher was seen
on the range holding a piece of rope. He couldn’t remember if he had just found an old piece of rope or had lost his horse.

Back when I was playing basketball for HHS, our teams always went to the state basketball tournament in Hutchinson, too. There was a huge difference, though. We were called spectators.

Regardless of the final outcome, both our boys’ and girls’ teams can be proud of their seasons and their records. Winning five games out of every six played is something to feel good about.

We ventured to Lindsborg and Salina this past Saturday night to take a look around. We hadn’t been there for a number of years.

What stood out the most in Salina were all of the signs that had bulbs burned out or missing. And then we noticed the Philips Lighting manufacturing plant had lights out on their sign, too. How is that possible?

This week’s issue of the Hillsboro Advocate marks the beginning of the seventh year of publication. We are grateful to the many businesses who have made it possible to print and mail nearly 31,000 copies each time we have published.

The publication has changed over the years from an exclusively Hillsboro focus to one that is more regional in nature. Because of that, we are renaming it the Marion County Advocate beginning with the issue you see this week.

The frequency is now six times per year instead of the four times when we began publishing it in March 1996.

The purpose of the Advocate has always been to make the economic pie bigger for our advertisers. Based on the feedback we receive, it is working.

When I got the flexible spring-back eyeglass frames the last time I had my eyes checked, I didn’t know how handy they would be.

I was out at the recycling center this past Saturday when it felt like we lived just a little north of Antarctica (yes, there is a “c” in Antarctica).

That blustery north wind caught the lid on the dumpster bin and whacked me right in the face, hitting my glasses straight on. To my pleasant surprise, the glasses came out unscathed. My head and nose were another story.

Coach Bobby Knight looks slightly better in a black sweater than a red one.

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