LETTERS: High schoolers reaffirm confidence in youth

While working as a server in a local restaurant, I waited on five high school girls the other day. Now, not too long ago, when some kids came from out of town to a tournament, their coach made a reservation and assured the person taking the reservation that these were responsible children and would tip us responsibly. It was not that way.

So I was somewhat skeptical about the tip these high school girls might leave. I was surprised-pleasantly so.

These girls were fun to wait on, they were polite and respectful and made me glad I waited on them by leaving a generous tip.

Often we parents don’t know how our children behave when they are out with their friends. I thought it might be nice to reaffirm that there are some really great kids out there. All that training and teaching and praying is working.

Many of you may not know if these were your children, but those five girls know who they are.

Thanks, it was fun.

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