EDITORIAL: Keep us in the Big First

During their stop in Hillsboro late last month, Rep. Don Dahl and Sen. Jay Scott Emler, reported that some congressional redistricting plans may move most or all of Marion County out of Kansas’s “Big First” District and into the Fourth District. To put faces to it, our representative in Washington, D.C., would be Todd Tiahrt rather than Jerry Moran.

Setting aside our strong preference for the personal politics of Rep. Moran over Rep. Tiahrt–personalities and political convictions can change in a single election–such a move would not be in the best interest in Marion County. The interests and concerns of the Fourth District are determined by Wichita, that big urban gorilla to the south. Rural interests are all but ignored.

Our “community of interest”–the folks with which we share common goals–is with the Big First. Unless, for all practical purposes, we want to give up being represented in Washington, we need to voice our convictions to our state legislators. Now. -DR

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