Partly Nonsense

Women’s figure skating is something that I have never watched on purpose. Watching Sarah Hughes, I’ll have to admit, was fun.

It was obvious that at age 16 she was oblivious to the tension that had built up among the older skaters who were favored to win. Their faces showed the stress that went with the territory.

All Sarah did was go out and have the time of her life. I caught the local New York news on satellite and her hometown went nuts over her performance.

It proves once again that one’s mental state has much to do with how one performs under pressure (or lack of pressure).

Be leery of basketball referees with the name of Homer.

It has been a pleasure learning to know Bernie and Claire Bernheisel, the nice folks from Georgia who have been running the Friesen’s Furniture sale these past months.

They are “people people” and have been fun to work with. We wish them the best in their next venture, wherever it takes them.

The Chamber of Commerce has formed a new marketing committee with the sole purpose of finding new businesses to occupy the empty storefronts in Hillsboro.

If you have acquaintances or relatives who would like to come back home or locate in Hillsboro and set up shop, opportunity awaits.

I’d be interested to know how many people, given the technology that is available these days, actually take the time to transfer all of their old LPs and cassette tapes to CD or DVD via their computers.

It would be a monumental task at this stage in my life. And as long as the old cassette player and the turntable still work, what’s the rush?

Looking through my old cassettes, I came across a Joe Cocker tape. Now there’s one musician with a sound all his own. He may have the most distinctive voice ever, in my opinion. I’ve always liked his sound.

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