City auditorium will get new curtains, Marion commissioners promise

The Marion City Commission responded Monday with promises that new curtains for the auditorium stage are in this year’s budget, and treads for stairs to the basement to prevent slipping can be installed too.

Bob Brookens said those things were within the goals of the Marion Auditorium Board in a continuing relationship with the city and Unified School District 408.

Brookens said the auditorium basically is in good shape with many goals already achieved. The last curtains were replaced in 1983 or 1984, and are worn from use, he said.

Future improvements the board also would like to see, Brookens said, include lockers for security in the bathrooms; controlled lighting and mirrors in bathrooms for application of actors’ makeup; four more lights, either two to a side or one to a side, with two down the middle; a traveler curtain behind the main curtain to allow scenery set-up behind while acting is going on out front; spaces in the wings for holding areas for actors off-stage; and another spotlight.

Brookens said Harry Bennett has announced he is leaving the community, so people need to be found to run lights when Bennett is gone.

The commission presented a letter of invitation from Rocky Hett to the public prior to the March 5 advisory election on whether to seek a regional landfill.

Hett said, “I am again inviting anyone interested to a guided tour of the Martin Marietta Quarry north of Marion where we are trying to locate a Subtitle D landfill.

“There have even been those that have said we want a landfill, we just want the best location, and haven’t ever even looked or asked about the proposed site.”

City Administrator Dennis Nichols announced that street projects have been placed for bid with bids to be received by March 15.

The projects include resurfacing two blocks of Hudson to the east of Elm, one block of Coble in front of Marion Manufacturing, and Roosevelt north of Kellison to Batt Street.

New streets include Batt and Industrial streets in the new industrial park and Library Street complete with curb and gutter at the depot.

Development Director Susan Cooper said low-interest loan funds for small businesses, from the micro-loan grant announced, need to be dispensed within 18 months. She said County Commissioner Bob Hein is attending to the loan dispersal.

Marty Fredrickson, street superintendent, said the tree dump will be reopened March 1 with schedule posted.

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