LETTERS: We’re all affected by U.S. abortion policy

I would like to thank Denise Bina for her letter about abortion. When she stated, “Every living, breathing person in America has been affected in some way by those missing in action from the abortion war,” I began to try to think of how I’ve been affected.

Let’s see, that would be 40 million fewer eventual voters. Forty million fewer eventual taxpayers, consumers, teachers, scientists, doctors, parents, friends, etc.

I think it is imperative that Americans begin to realize just how they can make a difference. If you recall how close the last presidential election was and how important each person’s vote was, then each person does make a difference.

I also think Americans need to sit up and take a long hard look at who we are really fighting against. I don’t want to sound biased, but Democratic senators and representatives vote consistently for abortion. They are the same people who are “trying to help the children” (said with some sarcasm), but at the same time aren’t allowing one in three unborn human Americans to become children.

If you are wondering, like I am, about who is going to pay for your Social Security when you retire or want to in 15 or so years, those prospective taxpayers have been killed.

I’ve already owned up to the idea that there won’t be enough youngsters around to pay into Social Security for all of us that were allowed to be born, and soon want to retire.

I am a bit confused about why the Democrats want to rob America of 40 million eventual taxpayers though, just think of all the extra money there would be to spend on new programs!

Seriously, it is time for Americans to stop the senseless killing of innocent Americans.

Wake up Americans. Make your voices heard by voting. We all have been affected.

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