Company execs say new partnership a honey of a deal

The management of Barkman Honey Co. in Hillsboro and Stoller’s Honey in Latty, Ohio, announced this week that their firms have reached agreement to combine their operations into a newly formed company, Golden Heritage Foods, LLC.

The transaction will become effective March 9. Headquartered in Hillsboro, with management in Kansas and Ohio, Golden Heritage Foods will rank as the nation’s third largest honey manufacturer.

Brent Barkman, president of Barkman Honey Co., will serve as president and chief executive officer of Golden Heritage Foods, and Dwight Stoller, president of Stoller’s Honey, will serve as executive vice president.

“Golden Heritage Foods is being formed because we truly believe it is the way for us to provide greater benefits to our wholesale and retail-consumer customers,” Barkman said.

“With our combined size, geographic distribution and increased management talent, this combination promises a better future for everyone involved.”

The new company’s management also announced it is not contemplating changes to the products offered and that it plans to continue producing and distributing the brands of the two predecessor firms.

Other strengths cited by company management, resulting from the merger, include the compatibility of the products manufactured by the two companies and the lack of overlap in retail distribution.

Golden Heritage Foods will distribute its products nationally.

“Combining these companies results in different strengths being brought to Golden Heritage Foods,” Stoller said.

“But there are two significant strengths that our companies share, and those are a deep sense of values and servant leadership,” he added. “We will demonstrate our deep commitment to the welfare of our customers, employees, domestic beekeepers and suppliers.”

Golden Heritage Foods will employ about 80 people. Its plants and operations in Kansas and Ohio will remain fully operational, and no reduction in workforce is anticipated as a result of this transaction.

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