LETTERS: Landfill could ruin legacy left by others

I moved to Marion seven years ago from a metropolitan area to return to a quality of life that made sense and had value. What was in place here at that time, and the events and improvements made since then, have been conducive to a positive value system for this community.

I am troubled, however, about the prospect of a landfill in Marion, and am very much against one being developed here. If money is needed to support certain projects for our communities, then let’s do research to find how other communities funded similar projects. I did not move here to live next to a dump.

The quality of our life has been bequeathed to us by people who have gone before. Our leaders today can easily make a decision on this issue based on what they see as “easy” money, and in so doing leave a legacy of a dump and possible health dangers for generations who come after us.

When they look back to see who allowed this to happen to our community, it will be your names, Marion commissioners, that have left the legacy. Please, for the sake of the health and well-being of our future generations and our environment, drop the issue of a landfill here and move on to more productive projects.

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