Mix the first winter storm of the season, eight fun-loving kids and one dog, a four-wheeler and one cattle stock tank and what do you get? A recipe for a good time. These children spending last Wednesday afternoon at the rural home of Brad and Jane Wiens thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity. The hard-packed icy snow made for perfect sledding. With Brad driving the four-wheeler, the kids and dog enjoyed speedy rides across the fields. Pictured in the tank, from left, are Rachel Thurston, Natalee Wiens, Mabel the dog, Brooklyn Wiens, Jessica Luna, Aaron Klaassen, Jacob Thurston, Andy Klassen and Matthew Richert. The storm closed local schools on Wednesday and Thursday and prompted the cancellation of several community events. The density of the ground covering made for difficult clearing, but when melted down, reports of 1.50 inches of water were common-a very welcomed relief from the fall and winter drought.

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