LONG SHOTS: Even if it’s hard, things in life usually happen for a reason

Say what you will, but the adage that “for every action there is a reaction,” is beginning to ring true in the world and in sports.

In other words: Things usually happen for a reason.

We’re not always sure why, but usually a half a dozen people are telling us the reason-and most either don’t have a clue what they’re talking about or have suddenly pledged their allegiance to the New England Patriot fan base.

* * *

While I’m not a die-hard Rams fan, and I have to admit I enjoyed cheering for St. Louis this season.

It’s hard not to like a team led by one of the most dynamic and spiritual quarterbacks to ever grace the NFL.

But the Patriots seemed fated to be champions.

About two weeks ago, I was watching the New England/Oakland game with a number of coaches and fans, when Tom Brady’s apparent fumble was ruled an incomplete pass. At the time, I said it was fate that the Patriots got the call.

Eventually Patriots kicker Adam Vinatieri nailed a field goal in the snow to give New England the win.

Little did I know the Patriots would come into the Super Bowl and manhandle the speed and finesse of the Rams with little trouble.

* * *

Last Tuesday night, the Hillsboro High School boys’ and girls’ basketball teams traveled to Haven to battle the Wildcats despite previous reports that roads were supposed to get icy and slick.

The matchups proved to be icy and slick for both teams.

The girls pulled out the win eventually, but the boys found themselves in deep trouble and eventually lost on a last-second basket for their first loss of the year.

Then, last Friday, the Hillsboro girls were handed their third loss of the year at the hands of Wichita Collegiate, whom they had beaten by 19 points a few weeks earlier.

A lot people want to see a team go undefeated and win a state championship, but being undefeated really makes no difference if they’re holding the championship trophy at the end of year.

These losses may be a blessing for both Trojan teams.

I’m certain Coach Knoll and and Coach Carlson have helped their teams understand something critical about high school basketball: winning feels better than losing.

* * *

About a week ago, Mike Tyson was denied a boxing license for the state of Nevada. Then he was denied a license in California.

This is pretty simple.

You bite a guy’s ear off, start a fight at a scheduled weigh in and shout profanities at a reporter-chances are that sane people are going to be concerned about allowing you to step into a boxing ring.

The commissions in both Nevada and California should be affirmed for denying Tyson a license. He’s out of control and the only way to stop him is to keep him out of boxing.

* * *

At the start of the season, the Tabor men’s and women’s basketball teams faced what most would call an uphill climb. But after taking their lumps early, both teams are reaping the rewards of playing some pretty stiff competition in the preseason.

The Tabor women have been quieting skeptics during the year, beating teams they should beat and playing close with some of the best teams.

The Tabor men are two games ahead of the Ottawa Braves and control their own destiny. If the Jays can win four of their last five games, they are assured the KCAC title and gain an automatic berth in the NAIA national tournament in March.

* * *

So when you’re team loses the Super Bowl, or your life seems bleak, remember that things happen for a reason and those reasons are usually good ones, even if we do fall a little short of our goal.

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