PARTLY NONSENSE: You’ve got a temperature… always

Many folks who are asked if they have a temperature when they are not feeling good but not too bad say no. Well, they do have a temperature-be it normal or abnormal- regardless how they are feeling.

If it is above normal, it is called a fever. If it is below normal, what is it called? And why is 98.6 degrees Farenheit normal body temperature? Did they figure out how cold ice was and then figure everything from that frame of reference? I would have made normal body temperature an even 100.

Why are the key pad numbers on a calculator the opposite of the numbers on the telephone?

At a recent conference I attended in Des Moines, I had the opportunity to hear a gentleman who was a former ambassador of Southwest Airlines.

He had many good things to say, but the one thing that stuck with me was this: “If you keep on thinking what you always thought, you’ll keep on getting what you always got.”

It’s going to have to snow sometime this winter, isn’t it? How can it be called winter if there is no snow? I couldn’t even find any in Des Moines. But, if it is going to dump on us, make it on the weekend.

I learned last week that the color of Yellow freight trucks is safety yellow.

It’s getting really hard to remember which experiences I have already written about in this column. Nancy has had to hear some of the same jokes for 35 years already, so maybe you’ll excuse me if I accidentally repeat myself.

I’m getting older, too, so that should excuse a few things.

Like the guy said, “I’ve already forgotten what I couldn’t remember.”

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