No greedy prayers

When I heard about Virgie Liles’ death, I said a little prayer. It went like this: “Dear Lord, If my fate includes being hit with a gruesome disease, I’d sure appreciate being able to take it on with all the strength, dignity and spunk that Virgie had.”

A minute later, I reconsidered. I said I’d settle for half as much.

I didn’t want to appear greedy.

      Dave Ranney


Thanks, Lloyd, for

helping the department

I would like to thank volunteer firefighter Lloyd Spencer and Hillsboro Ford for providing their services and facility in helping the fire department with the painting of the command vehicle.

The expertise and time given by Lloyd Spencer is genuinely appreciated. His help along with Hillsboro Ford’s willingness to allow the use of their tools and paint shop is another shining example of the commitment to our community by volunteers and the employers of these volunteers.

The paint job looks great!

      Ben Steketee

      Hillsboro Fire Chief

It’s time to stop the killing of innocents

Jan. 22 marked the29th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court decision that imposed on America abortion-on-demand throughout pregnancy. Here we are, nearly three decades later, and abortion is still the law of the land.

Every day, nearly 4,000 unborn babies are sacrificed on the altar of “choice.” That’s more than all of the victims of Sept. 11.

Since 1973 44,968,000 thousand babies have been killed by legal abortion. That’s one in three pregnancies in the United States-and we continue to allow it.

We have declared war on terrorism, yet we open the news airwaves to abortionist George Tiller as he offers free abortions to poor women as his way of commemorating the Roe vs. Wade decision.

It’s hard to put 40 million lives into perspective, so let’s look at it in this way. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of people killed by America’s liberal abortion laws would equal wiping out the entire population of the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee, Missouri, South Carolina and Nebraska.

Could we possibly fathom the impact on our nation and society if anthrax or some other terrorist attack had killed all these people?

Abortion has, in stealth-like fashion, robbed our nation of as many American citizens.

As a nation, we have lowered the value of life, created in the image of God to a mere “choice.” We wonder why children kill children? It won’t stop until adults quit killing the most defenseless of God’s creation, the child in the womb.

Thirty-six pro-life groups have joined in an advertising campaign to “Shake the Nation Back to Life.” Three former heroes of the pro-abortion movement are standing together in this historic campaign: Norma McCovey, “Roe” in Roe vs. Wade; Sandra Cano from Doe vs. Bolton that legalized late-term abortions; and Bernard Nathanson, who co-founded the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League.

The main focus of the campaign is to build support for pro-life, pro-family Supreme Court appointments.

During the next four years, President Bush will likely appoint at least two, possibly four, Supreme Court justices. Their mission is to be a voice of the voiceless and a signal, that as Americans we will not sit idly by or wait to react to the aggressive efforts of the abortion lobby.

Check out their pro-life efforts at www.shakethenation.org.

Every living, breathing person in America has been affected in some way by those missing in action from the abortion war.

We must continue to invest in this life-or-death battle to insure future victory. It’s too late for the more than 40 million babies who have already succumbed to the abortion industry, but it’s not too late for the millions more who are vulnerable to its lethal attack.

Pray for the unborn, all the children of the world and never give up.

Denice K. Bina, chair

Marion County Kansans for Life

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