EDITORIAL: Giving it a chance

They will know better than we whether it was a successful experiment, but we strongly commend those responsible for arranging what we say was a noble experiment conducted at Hillsboro High School last Monday. Rather than follow the easier-and no doubt more popular-path of either calling the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday a vacation day from school or ignoring the holiday altogether, HHS actually used last Monday as an opportunity to expose our students to some of the history and ideals that King stood for during his significant life.

We’re sure the vast majority of students, had they been given the chance to vote, would have opted for a vacation day. I don’t think they would have meant any disrespect by it, either. Hey, who wouldn’t grab a day off from school if given the chance?

But we believe our students will benefit by becoming even a little more aware of other racial groups and cultures in our society. They need to begin to comprehend the evil of bigotry and at least be aware of a dream so great as to be worthy of sacrificing one’s life for.

That’s a high ideal and we know it’s hard for kids in a predominantly white school, community and county to be challenged by it. But unless the attempt is made, the possibility cannot exist. We salute the attempt. -DR

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