Tabor to offer class on Islam

Tabor College will be offering a special-topics course on the Islamic faith during the spring semester. The course will examine the Islamic worldviews, beliefs, rituals, lifestyle and worship.

“[Islam] is known as a religion of submission to Allah, their God, and to his word given through his prophet Mohammad and recorded in the Koran,” said Clarence Hiebert, coordinator of the course. “Since Sept. 11, a high-priority interest has been evident in understanding the Islamic faith.”

Hiebert will be assisted by guest speakers of the Muslim faith as well as by speakers who have resided in Muslim-dominant countries. Guest lecturers will include: Herb and Ruth Friesen, Afghanistan and Pakistan; James Truax, Indonesia; and Mark and Nancy Rogers, Ivory Coast, West Africa.

Professor Jerry Truex, who recently returned from a five-year doctoral study in England, will also offer insight from his association with Muslims in the British academic community. Truex is currently a Christian Ministries teacher at Tabor College Wichita.

Research, readings and reports by individual students, followed by class dialogues on specific topics, will be important aspects of the course.

The two-hour course, titled “Topics in Religious Studies: Islam,” can be taken for lower- or upper-level college credit.

Class size is limited to 24 students. For further information, contact the registrar’s office at 620-947-3121, ext. 1044.

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