Marion pastor facing theft charges in Salina incidents


A warrant for two counts of theft was issued for pastor John Yates of Marion Christian Church by the Salina Police Department.

“Friday, we received a phone call from the Salina Police Department,” said Sgt. Garry Klose of the Marion Police Department. “Lt. Sweeney stated that they had a warrant for pastor Yates.”

“He faxed the warrant down to me for two counts of theft in Salina-one at the Wal-Mart store and one at the Target store.”

Klose said he attempted to serve the warrant that same day at the Yates home but was not successful.

“We called him and told him we couldn’t get the warrant served and he needed to contact us,” Klose said.

About 10:30 a.m., Saturday, Jan. 19, Yates went to the Marion Police Department and turned himself in.

“He wanted to tell me what this was all about, and I told him I didn’t want to know, it did not concern me. It was not our jurisdiction-our part was just to serve the warrant,” Klose said.

“He was very cooperative, and he appeared concerned with what was going on here.”

Yates was taken to the Marion Sheriff’s Office, where he went through booking procedures and posted a $500 bond in cash.

Yates will be assigned a court date and will have to appear in court.

“If he does not appear in court, he will forfeit his bond,” Klose said. “If he appears in court, he’ll have an attorney appointed or he’ll take an attorney with him and make a plea, and it goes from there.”

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