Leo and Lions club members help launch new Leo club

Eight Hillsboro Leo Club members and several Hillsboro Lions participated in day-long outing Sunday, Jan. 20.

Participating were Leo’s Daniel Bookless, Jacob Daniels, Danielle Johnson, Danielle Kelley, Stephanie King, Anna Krich, Neil Ollenburger and Jessica Ratzlaff and Lions George and Gladys King, Tonja and David Wienck (and future Leo Evan), plus Marvin and Elfrieda Funk.

They traveled first to Waterville for lunch at the home of Tonja Wienck’s parents, the David Hems.

In the afternoon they toured Kansas Specialty Dog Service in Washington, where guide and service dogs are trained for people with visual and physical disabilities.

Many Lions Clubs support KSDS, and Kansas Lions have established a scholarship fund that provides room and board for students in training there.

The evening was spent at the organizational night for the Valley Heights Leo Club held at Blue Rapids. This club is for middle school and high school youth from both Blue Rapids and Waterville.

The Leo Club is a youth branch of the Lions Club and the primary focus is to serve their community while having fun.

“Leo” stands for “Leadership, Opportunity and Experience.”

The Hillsboro Leo Club, Hillsboro Noon Lions and Hillsboro Evening Lions all presented checks to the new club to help them get started.

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