Lindgren animals now off farm, in adoptive homes


All horses and bovine removed from the rural Marion farm of Karole Lindgren have been adopted, except for a few animals with special needs, according to county officials.

“The last one was gone this morning,” said Lee Becker, Marion County Sheriff, who was contacted Jan. 11.

The animals on Lindgren’s property were seized in March. In mid-November, she was convicted by a six-member jury of two misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty, and was sentenced in December by the Judicial District Court in Marion.

About 71 horses and 13 cows, cared for at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility, were awaiting adoption.

As facilitator, Becker said he had been working to remove the animals from the correctional facility.

“It’s been a constant distraction during the whole month of December,” Becker said. “Every week I was gearing up to take care of this task, and then at the last minute something would happen. The court would give them a stay because one of the family members suffered a heart attack or something else would happen.”

Last week was the first full week available to move the animals, Becker said.

“I was not allowed to sell any of them,” he said. “I could only release them to a licensed veterinarian or to a humane society, and they’ve all been released to licensed veterinarians.

“The veterinarians are the ones responsible for adopting them out.”

A few animals with special needs are still in the care of Jessica Laurin, veterinarian with Animal Health Center of Marion County.

Becker said his definition of “special needs” was they will never amount to anything more than a pet.

“They’re not something you can take and ride,” he said.

Becker said he appreciated the work done by the warden and his staff.

“Every animal over there looked in very good condition,” he said. “They did an excellent job.”

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