Mayor grateful for

citizens who recycle

As we begin another year, I want to thank the citizens of Hillsboro for the tremendous support they are showing for our recycling efforts in Hillsboro.

This is important as we face ever rising prices to dispose of solid waste.

Our recycling site is averaging 16 tons of recyclable material per month. This is being accomplished by cooperation of our residents who are willing to take the time to sort items and then take them to the center of North Birch Street.

I also want to say a special thank you to the volunteers who assist with unloading the items when they arrive at the center.

We are currently needing additional volunteers. If you or your group would be willing to give either two hours one Thursday night or three hours one Saturday per month to help Hillsboro in this effort, please contact Paul Jantzen at 947-5433.

Delores Dalke, mayor

City of Hillsboro

Are our U.S. Savings Bonds really safe?

In May 2001, the Tampa State Bank at Ramona was burglarized and the safe deposit boxes in the vault were entered.

Our U.S. savings bonds were taken along with other valuables such as an old coin collection, etc. These bonds taken will not be of any use to the burglar but would be useful to us.

We recently retired after 48 years in the cafe business in Ramona. The bonds were to be a source of income for our retirement.

We were under the belief that the bonds would be replaced by the Bureau of Public Debt. After much correspondence and phone calls to the bureau, we are still not satisfied.

After a lengthy search of their records, they came up with some bonds, but 10 are still unaccounted for. And the bonds they did reissue were of an issue date that we know is in error.

We have exhausted many avenues to get this corrected without success.

So, if you have U.S. savings bonds, please take time to record the type of bond, serial number and issue dates.

If anyone has any information about the burglary of the Ramona Bank or the whereabouts of the above mentioned bonds, please contact the authorities. Or if anyone tries to cash these bonds at your financial institution, please contact us.

Harold and Betty Ohm


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