EDITORIAL: A chance to help

I f you’ve ever thought about getting involved in local government, this is your chance. Voters in Hillsboro – and Marion, for that matter – have until noon, Tuesday, Jan. 22, to file for a seat on the city council (Hillsboro) or city commission (Marion).

In Hillsboro, two seats on the council will be on the ballot. They are currently filled by two good people, Wendell Dirks and Mike Padgett. In Marion, the position filled currently by Bud Pierce is up for review. He seems to be well-liked, too.

It doesn’t take many official qualifications to become eligible. Be a legal resident of this area and a registered voter-and you’re in.

If you’re feeling the itch, now’s the time to scratch it. If you file early, you can even change your mind and withdraw by noon, Jan. 22. Any takers? -DR

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