City council pushes ahead to repair under drains

The Hillsboro City Council agreed at its Nov. 8 meeting to move ahead expeditiously with the timetable to fix damaged under drains in the city’s water treatment plant.

The damage is believed to have occurred because of operator error at an undetermined time several years ago, but the council agreed repairs need to be made before the demand for water increases in summer.

The city’s engineer had estimated at an earlier meeting that the project would cost between $85,000 and $100,000 and take about two months to repair all three under drains. The availability or quality of city water should not be affected while the work is under way. The under drains will be repaired one at a time.

The council approved a pre-bid conference for Jan. 29 and set the opening of bids for Feb. 5.

In other business, the council:

— approved paying the final bill of $21,289.16 from APAC-Kansas, Inc., to complete payment on the sewer-outfall line project. The payment would bring the final cost of the project to $360,127.

Money saved from the original contract will be used to resurface the south end of Washington Street, which was torn up to replace existing line. Those repairs will come later in spring, when the threat of bad weather has lessened, according to Steven Garrett, city administrator.

As part of the sewer project, the council also approved payment of engineering fees of $1,460 to Reiss & Goodness Engineers of Wichita.

— approved the following people nominated by Mayor Delores Dalke to serve on city boards:

Convention & Visitors Bureau: Steve Berg and Max Heinrichs for new terms and Mike Knak, Joel Klaassen, Peggy Goertzen, Sonja Fisher and Elfrieda Funk for an additional term.

Hillsboro Recreation Commission: Stephanie Sinclair and Wendy McCarty, retroactively to a year ago, and Marvin Funk to an additional term.

Hillsboro Historical Society & Museum Board: Peni Ens and Peggy Goertzen to an additional term and Jonah Kliewer and Aleen Ratzlaff to fill unexpired terms.

Hillsboro Airport Board: Todd Helmer and D.C. Scharenberg to an additional term.

Marion County Economic Council: Steven Garrett, Tina Olsen and Carolyn Garbo as new appointees.

— Gave Garrett authority to designate a name for the road leading into the Sports Complex for the purposes of establishing a postal address for the recreation office. Garrett also reported that the picnic shelter is now complete and will be ready for use in spring.

— Clarified that the construction of separate structures such as gazebos, work areas and storage sheds not be deemed eligible for a tax break under the city’s Neighborhood Revitalization Program.

— Gave Garrett authority to update the city’s building and constructions codes regarding licensure and insurance for contractors who wish to work within the city. The council will review the revised code at a later date.

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