Boosting morale


Since 1995, the Hillsboro Trojan Booster Club has been running one of most widely respected high school mid-season tournaments in the state and attracting some of the biggest names in basketball.

“Their help with the Trojan Classic is tremendous,” athletic director Max Heinrichs said. “We work together to try to make this event bigger and better every year.

“We started working on this event at the first of November. Nobody really knows how much work is done to make this happen except the boosters and me. Things are coming together. They do a tremendous amount of work and that’s one reason why it’s so well known.”

The booster club has expanded its role throughout Hillsboro’s athletic programs and beyond the lines of the Trojan Classic.

In the last seven years, the club has purchased more than a dozen items that wouldn’t normally be purchased through the athletic department’s normal budget.

Trojan Booster Club president Rita Bartel said the club has a number of functions.

“I think the neat thing about the Booster Club is that it works to buy things for the school,” Bartel said. “I think the kids and the coaches appreciate what the Booster Club does and how we try and get involved.

“The main thing is that we help boost morale.”

Hillsboro Superintendent Gordon Mohn said the club provides a link between parents and the athetlic program.

“It provides a structure for parents to support athletics,” Mohn said. “The idea of having a booster club is to try and have a good avenue for parents and the athletic programs.

“We hope it can work as a sounding board giving Max (Heinrichs) a place where he can ask how we’re doing and what we can do to make things better.”

Among some of the items donated by the booster club includes stationary bicycles, an ultra-sound machine, video equipment, banners from past championships and several signs and banners from past athletic successes.

“There’s a lot of advantages with having the booster club,” Heinrichs said. “One of the biggest is the donations they make to the athletic program.”

Bartel said making the donations is one thing that the booster club does to try and help the athletic programs when the normal budget won’t allow for it.

“As far as our donations go, we like to do things that aren’t in the normal budget that the school wouldn’t normally buy during the year,” Bartel said. “Those things might not happen if we didn’t have things organized with the booster club.”

According to Bartel, booster membership is down despite the many things the club does as an organization.

“We just feel like we’ve platued,” Bartel said. “But we continually try and encourage people and parents to become members.”

Bartel said members can choose between a family membership for one year for $15 dollars or a single membership for $10 dollars.

Mohn feels the booster club is moving in the right direction for Hillsboro High School.

“I think the boosters have had good leadership throughout the years,” Mohn said. “And it helps to make our programs good quality programs.”

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