ALCO plans changes at Hillsboro store

Plans for a remodeling project are under way at Alco Discount Store in Hillsboro with the dual goal of expanding the product line and giving the store a new look.

“We’re going to hire several people to do it, and it will probably be six to eight weeks to remodel,” said Ron Latta, manager of the local store.

Applications are being accepted for approximately 14 positions in the remodeling project. The positions pay $7 an hour, and immediate employee discounts will be available to the temporary help.

Construction is scheduled to start in early February.

“Some departments will be expanded,” Latta said.

“And some won’t be as large as they were, depending on the productivity of the departments in the last year or two.”

Latta said the intensive project includes expanding the food department in the center of the store and adding coolers for perishables and frozen foods.

“We’ll carry bread and milk, I’m positive of that, and frozen foods like pizzas and such as that,” he said.

“They haven’t quite decided what all they’re going to put in yet.”

The decision to expand was handed down by the Alco corporate office, Latta said.

“They’ve done several stores already, and this is another one that’s on their list,” he said.

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