Partly Nonsense

I have a feeling that slip-on shoes will be in vogue following the holidays. It’s too hard to bend over and tie shoes after all of the overeating that went on the past few weeks.

* * *

It’s great having all of our family together this year. It’s the first time it has happened since they grew up and moved away.

The Cameli boys are stealing the show as usual. Little Louie still doesn’t say much but eats like there is no tomorrow. “No” is no and “yes” is no until asked if it might be yes and then it’s “nes.”

We took the boys to McDonald’s Friday night because Amy and George were out with friends for the night. When we drove up Alex says, “This is the same McDonald’s we went to last time. Let’s go to another one.” (There must be more than one in Atlanta).

They all went to Great-Grandma’s for lunch while we were working on Friday, but the boys didn’t eat anything-at least Alex didn’t. When they were preparing to leave, Amy asked Alex to give Great-Grandma a hug. He says, “I don’t have to because I didn’t eat anything.”

* * *

This may just be my experience, but every microwave I use to heat water for a cup of tea will return the cup handle to the front of the oven if I set the timer for two minutes. Who wants to reach way back in there to pull out a hot cup of water?

* * *

A pilot made a quick landing at the airport and then exclaimed, “That was a really short runway, but boy howdy was it ever wide.”

* * *

Dan brought salmon, smoked salmon and sturgeon for our Christmas present. He, Amy and George made dinner and was it ever tasty. They can take lettuce and stuff and make it look like it came from a fancy restaurant.

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