Parlty Nonsense

Someone asked who thought of the idea of putting popcorn in a fancy can. I think it was a guy who made cans, who liked popcorn and whose wife was an artist.

* * *

Have you noticed that the Grene Vision Group sign is red?

* * *

What really makes me mad is when I get mad for no reason.

Like this past week when I thought the airline ticket we mailed to our son Dan in Seattle was lost in the mail.

We mailed it Dec. 12, which we thought was plenty of time. By the 19th he still hadn’t received it. At the time we bought it, the thinking was that a paper ticket was safer than an e-ticket.

Not wanting to leave it to chance any longer, I spent an hour and a half on the phone late Thursday night checking with the on-line company I purchased the ticket from about what to do if it didn’t arrive. They said he would have to apply for a lost ticket and it would cost $100 plus any difference in the fare.

Not buying that, I spoke to the airline directly. They said it would only be the $100. I asked why they couldn’t just switch it back to an e-ticket, but they said, “No, it’s in the computer as a paper ticket.”

After all that, I called Dan to see if he had received the ticket yet. He wasn’t answering, so I left a message to call the next day. He calls the next day and said he got it the day before.

Got mad all for nothing. The lesson here: Never get mad until you absolutely have to.

* * *

The 3-point shot in basketball is a little longer for players with big feet.

* * *

We just bought a new digital camera at the Free Press. My, how they have improved the product since we last bought one. This one takes 15 frames per second and has a 27X digital zoom lens. I’ll bet I could take a picture of a jet flying overhead and see who is in it.

* * *

The end of the year is a great time. You look back to see where you have been and then look forward to where you want to go.

I hope you have a safe and moderate New Year’s Eve and a terrific 2002.

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