Partly Nonsense

Here’s a heads up for all the computer geeks out there. The co-inventor of the Internet will be speaking at 7:30 p.m., Jan. 18, at Bethany College.

No, it’s not Al Gore. It’s Vinton G. Cerf, senior vice president of Internet Architecture and Technology for WorldCom.

* * *

This comes from Rep. Jerry Moran’s office:

“In 1967, ‘Operation Dear Abby’ was developed, to allow service men and women stationed overseas during this season to receive letters from home.

“This year, concerns about mail delivery have forced the military to suspend the annual letter-writing campaign, but technology has given us a new way to send greetings to our service men and women. A private and secure Web site has been developed to allow people to send a sailor, Marine, soldier, airman or Coast Guardsman a greeting from home.”

Those wanting to send a message can access the link by visiting gov/moranks01/holidaywishes.htm.

* * *

I wonder how many of those dust-remover spray cans (called “canned air”) made to clean computers it would take to dust a whole house?

* * *

A few things are ingrained in children while growing up with their parents. For us, one was that we never ever should use “Xmas” instead of “Christmas.”

I have now been told that “X” is the Greek symbol for “Christ,” which may still give people some problems. I always thought “Xmas” was created by advertising people to make it easier to print “Christmas” great big.

* * *

Back in the late ’50s, our family drove to Minnesota for Christmas and left Hillsboro around midnight on Christmas Eve. We left at that late hour so my sisters could go Christmas caroling. I remember going to bed before we left and then was awakened for the journey.

It was a really cold, clear night with a full moon so bright it almost looked like daylight outside with a full coat of snow on the ground.

That was also the debut of that goofy song by Alvin and the Chipmunks, which was played over and over throughout the night. Every time I hear that song, I think about that trip to the north.

* * *

We wish all of our friends a most enjoyable holiday season. I know ours will be extra special this year because all of our children and grandchildren will be here.

* * *

Why are shelled walnuts always the nuts left in the bottom of the tin of mixed nuts at Christmas? They are the hardest to shell.

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