Goessel earns ‘Excellence’ in seven test areas

Goessel students earned the Standard of Excellence in seven out of 12 areas tested last spring during state assessment tests.

“We’re talking about placing in the top 7 to 8 percent in the state,” said Chet Roberts, superintendent.

The four areas tested were reading, math, science and social studies.

Students in grades five, eight and 11 were tested in reading; grades four, seven and 10 were tested in math and science; and grades six, eight and 11 were tested in social studies.

Attaining the Standard of Excellence requires that a significant portion of the student body score at the proficient and advanced levels, said Janna Duerksen, Goessel school counselor.

The minimum and maximum percentages vary with each grade level.

The students participated in several days of testing, and the following seven Standard of Excellence awards were attained at Goessel: fourth-grade math; fourth-grade science; seventh-grade math; seventh-grade science; 10th-grade math; 10th-grade science; 11th-grade social studies

Test results were received in August, Roberts said. Goessel received a certificate of achievement from the State Board of Education in recognition of its accomplishments.

“I just think we’re very proud of how our kids are doing, and it shows a quality system.

“We feel like we’re doing an excellent job. Despite some of the rhetoric you hear about kids and about public education, I think if you look at the scores across the area they’re just fantastic.”

The Goessel system has focused on state assessments in recent years and worked to incorporate them into the curriculum.

“Like it or not, it is part of what we’re going to be judged on, so we try to assimilate some state standards in all of our curriculum areas,” Roberts said.

“Teachers have been allowed to do their own curriculum (in the past), and now it’s a little bit more focused, and I think that’s been positive.”

Roberts said regardless of the curriculum, it’s still up to the students to take the tests and achieve the results.

“Kids are showing improvement, and I think there’s more of an emphasis on education, attaining that goal of graduation and actually doing something with it.”

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