Partly Nonsense

Does Canadian bacon come from Canada? My barber says it comes from pigs.

* * *

Some area newspapers reported recently about the amount of money farmers receive from the government as part of the farm program. At first glance, I’ll bet many people thought the amounts were staggering.

What the articles didn’t say was that those payments were the total for a five-year period. When you divide it out and then consider what kind of investment it takes and what it costs to run a big farm operation-then factor in the prices farmers receive these days for their crops and what we pay for food-it doesn’t amount to that much.

* * *

This is for the little kids….

How do you get down off a horse? You don’t. You get down off a duck.

* * *

The world has become very complicated.

In simpler times, people used to grow or shoot/trap their own food and eat it. Anything extra was sold down the road or traded for something else.

Pretty simple economics.

Then governing bodies got into the act and the rules started to change. Gradually, different groups with influence, or the legislators themselves, found ways to change laws for their own benefit.

Everyone was after a bigger piece of the pie. Different groups had different rates for postage. Congressmen had better health insurance and better pensions than everyone else. Individuals could deduct a larger portion of their health insurance costs than small business owners could.

These are just a few examples and you get the idea. The list is endless of what is fair and unfair.

I have two answers for these problems, which are also simplified. One is to erase all of the rules and start over. The other is that one should pick the occupation having the perks he wants and go do it.

* * *

The Hillsboro-Marion basketball opener was well worth the price of the ticket. Both town’s boys’ and girls’ teams played with skill and intensity until the end.

What intrigued me was that the shoes the players wore all seemed to be different styles. At one time, I think there were 10 different styles of shoes on the floor at the same time with different colors.

You probably are expecting this so I won’t let you down. Back when I played basketball, the only kind of shoes we had were the high-top Converse white canvas shoes. I thought they looked pretty cool and made me run faster and jump higher.

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