Partly Nonsense

I believe this was my 55th straight Thanksgiving dinner without eating any cranberries. They are quite colorful, though, and nice to look at.

We received an e-mail from our Kansas Press Association about a guy who bills himself as the “Eco-Troubadour.” This guy presented a program Nov. 19 at the Paola Elementary School, where he told students not to read newspapers because they were not environmentally friendly and were too much hassle to recycle.

And he had the nerve to call the local newspaper prior to the program and ask that a reporter cover his presentation!

Take all you want of the turkey, dressing, desserts and what have you, but give me the sweet potatoes and marshmallows.

It’s refreshing to see what the underdogs did this past Saturday on Big XII football fields. Colorado and OSU showed Nebraska and Oklahoma-and all of us-what can happen on any given game day….

This old boy I used to work with at the KU Printing Service said at the beginning of many work days, “I hurt worse all over than I do any place else.”

It’s starting to make some sense.

When Brother Mark was in town this past week, we were discussing some of the old stunts we pulled in the old days.

I thought I was the only one who crawled up on the roof of our two-story house at 210 S. Adams. My reason for doing so was to turn the antenna toward Topeka to tune in Channel 13.

His was to see if he could see the fireworks in Peabody.

I’d like to challenge anyone from Hillsboro-whether living elsewhere now or still living here-to tell us about some of the wildest stunts ever pulled in this town and post them on the guestbook at It might make some of the best reading ever.

I believe strongly in recycling and hope you do too. The volunteers at our local recycling site do an important service for the community, and I am thankful they are willing to help in this way. It does make a difference.

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