HMS girls drop two of three in season opener at Lyons

The Hillsboro Middle School girls’ teams opened their season last Tuesday, Nov. 20, with one win in three games at Lyons.

The eighth-grade team struggled offensively against their counterparts, losing 43-18. The home team jumped to an 8-2 lead after one quarter, then opened the spread to 23-8 and then 39-14 by the next two quarter breaks.

Laura Skiles led the Trojans with 10 points. Courtney Foth added four points and Laura Lindsay and JuliAnne Chisholm each scored two.

The HMS seventh-grade team showed potential with a 23-13 win. An 11-4 third quarter advantage opened an otherwise close contest as HMS posted a 19-8 advantage going into the final period.

Lora Andrews led HMS with eight points. Chisholm added six, Chelsey Harmon four, Megan Peachey three and Tina Frick two.

The HMS C-team lost 29-8. Megan McCarty scored four points and Lauryn Mayfield and Sydney each added one basket.

Yesterday, the girls were at home against Herington. They will host Nickerson on Thursday. Games begin at 4:30 p.m.

HMC coaches Mike Jilka and Collette Burton have a small group of eighth-graders out this season. On the roster are Kelsi Slayden, Courtney Foth, Katelin Unruh, Jenny Terrell, Laura Skiles and Laura Lindsay.

The seventh-grade team has 15 girls: Alysha Claassen, Marissa Nightingale, Mandi Bartel, Andrea Jost, Lauryn Mayfield, Megan Peachey, Tina Frick, Elissa Richert, Diedre Funk, Jessica Heidel, Chelsey Harmon, Sydney Waner, JuliAnne Chisholm, Lora Andrews and Megan McCarty.

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